Ascent’s Core Capabilities

Finding a reliable partner with experience in technology and marketing is critical to the success of any marketing initiative. Ascent enjoys long term relationships with our clients: we work to understand specific goals, accurately and quickly solve business challenges, and apply the right mix of marketing know-how and technology experience to surpass our client’s expectations.

Many of our clients rely on Ascent Marketing Partners’ roots in creating customized promotional programs. Some even believe our capabilities are limited to promotions. In fact, we often point to our experience with custom database applications for promotions, content management systems, consumer relationship management tools, e-commerce solutions, and other applications to more fully describe our capabilities.

How can we help?

Tab through our capabilities set below to discover how our skills fit within your project’s needs. While you may not see your particular project needs reflected in the details below, we’re confident we can advise and execute a solution that fits your project’s requirements. In fact, a vast majority of our initial meetings are comprised of Q&A sessions to determine whether their particular project is possible, what the alternatives may be, and finally how we will work to execute the project in the most cost-effective, timely and efficient manner possible.

Often times marketers hand off their in-house creative to us, and we deploy it across web and mobile platforms.
Short on time or creative? We can help there too with pre-configured promotional frameworks and our won creative resources.

  • Desktop / Mobile Friendly Designs – We provide desktop designs that are ready for the ever-expanding mobile market.
  • Template-Based Frameworks – Replicate multiple frameworks with similar functionality to increase the opportunity for cost-savings.
  • Custom Needs – If your project requires custom functionality or unique design features just let us know. We love a good challenge.
Data may be the most valuable asset you have when it comes to measuring the impact of your overall campaign, improving site performance, and gauging user experience. We understand the value behind the numbers and make it simple for you to view and analyze your data.

  • Google Analytics Implementation – Accurately track user interaction to better understand your audience and how they’re working within your project.
  • Custom Database Administration – Allows both Ascent and our clients to easily track the details of all information entered into your application.
  • Password-Protected Interfaces – Provide our clients with customized up-to-date views of requested site activity, entrant data, audit capabilities, and more.
Security is a key factor when it comes to the success of your promotion. Without the proper security measures in place your promotion is sure to be riddled with fraud and your application, website, and / or reputation are sure to come under fire. You can rest assured your product is in safe hands with Ascent.

  • Cutting Edge – State of the art security measures with multiple checks to assure the integrity of each program.
  • Data Destruction – When needed, we ensure the data collected from your program is gone for good.
  • Industry-Recognized – Ascent Marketing Partners has published articles regarding on promotional security.
We understand that the products we design and develop serve a greater purpose than just being aesthetically pleasing. There are a wide variety of users who expect your site or application to work a certain way and we’re here to ensure that happens.

  • We understand your users, the rules and guidelines of great user experience, as well as when to make the best selection for your project.
  • Form and function both play a factor in great design but without one or the other you run a risk of damaging your brand.
  • Great user experience enhances and generates further interest the end-product through simplicity and usability.
Legal plays a major role in our work as it often dictates a project’s timeline as well as the overall execution. We understand the value of detail and our attorneys work with in-house counsel or external law firms to ensure each of our online promotions are legally compliant in all 50 states.

  • Compliance – Our attorneys work to ensure each of our online promotions are legally compliant in all 50 states.
  • Official Rules – We often review support collateral, and routinely draft Official Rules, register, and bond promotions.
  • International Assistance – Our legal assistance often extends outside of the United States. Let us know where you need help.
Communication is key when it comes to designing great creative. We often work with agency designs however we are capable of handling extensive creative should the job require us to do so. Tell us what you’re after or give us the reigns. We’ll explain our choices and why they’ll work for you.

  • Our creatives aren’t simply great digital artists but also excellent problem solvers.
  • Proactive with your project our team will make alternative suggestions to ensure we’re providing you with the best end-product possible.
  • We understand the guidelines but are also willing to take risks in order to generate impactful and effective designs when necessary.
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